Business Continuity


Can your business Continue in a few minutes or hours If data or Applications Failure Happen?
For most Enterprise businesses :
• Data must be readily available and always accessible
• files, applications, systems, and even entire sites must be readily available and always
• Need quick and easy recovery in case of total failure

To generate revenue, your business must be up and running.


We Provide Highly scalable business continuity solutions that ensure files, applications, systems, and even entire sites are always available.
A business continuity is a solution to continue operations if a place of business is affected by different levels of disaster which can be localized short term disasters, to days long building wide problems, to a permanent loss of a will warranty how the business would recover its operations or move operations to another location after damage by events like natural disasters, theft, or flooding.
Latech recommends that Customer implement a variety of business-continuity solutions, including

High Availability Solutions

Raid , Hot Spare , Clustering, Metro Clustering , Mirroring, Local replication and …….. are Sample tools to Protect your Business against Hardware Failure and data Loss .

Application Protection

Not only does your data need protection, your applications also need serious security and protection. Latech’s Application Protection offerings can help secure and protect your applications
and Let your Business Run in Case of Application Failure.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Disasters are possible everywhere around your business environment.
When disaster strikes, your data and Applications and services must be accessible—from an off-site location and for an unknown length of time.


Business Continuity


Latech offers a wide range of business-continuity Solutions from Big Vendors such as:

• HP Solutions
• Vmware Solutions
• Veem Solutions
• Falcon Store Solutions

Main Features :

With a solid Business Continuity plan in place, your organization will enjoy a host of other benefits:

• Business Value:

Lower costs : Failover server resources are consolidated, reducing the cost of servers, datacenters, and energy.

Data protection : guards against intentional or accidental data corruption within an intact infrastructure.

Leverage flexible RPO and RTO : to meet your service-level requirements.

Simplify administration : with solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

Continuously available: always-on access to data and applications and files …

• Technical values:

No Data loss to productivity from storage or network failure or when a building is lost in a datacenter.

No App Go Down: Email, websites, and CRM applications will not go down

99.99% data availability

Restoring systems in a matter of minutes

Stretch cluster capabilities

IO cluster speed supports any disk from modern to legacy

Move services, applications, or virtual machines quickly between floors, between storage platforms, or between servers the minute connectivity is interrupted

Automated recovery of files, systems, or entire data centers
Eliminates backup windows with no disruption to operations

Target users:

All Mid range and Enterprise Organizations

Latech Capabilities and services

Latech also offers comprehensive services to Assess , design, Supply , implement, and support the right solution for individual needs.


Business Continuity

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