Primary Storage

The volume of information that today’s businesses must store is growing exponentially, and the cost of storing information is growing just as fast. Latech understands Customer is seeking a partner that will take the initiative and lead it to a more efficient, more cost-effective storage future.

Primary Storage

By delivering global, industry-leading storage solutions that combine hardware, software, Expert services and expertise from Big Vendors , Latech can help address Customer’s storage problems.
Our offerings in this space include below Technologies :
Storage for SAN and Consolidation

Storage for Storage Virtualization

Storage for mission critical applications

Storage for Cloude

Storage for Autonomic Management
Storage Federation
Storage for Enterprise-class Deduplication

Storage for Industry

Storage Services and Consulting

The Latech Storage Solution’s offers Customer ; storage products for the midrange to the large enterprise. With enterprise system connection (ESCON), Fibre Channel (FC), small computer system interface (SCSI) arrays, and Internet SCSI (iSCSI), HP disk subsystems provide maximum flexibility in designing either centralized or modular storage alternatives.

Primary Storage2
Latech offerings include below products:
• HP Primary Storage ( XP , 3PAR , MSA , NAS , ..)
• EMC Primary Storage ( VNX , VMAX ,….)
• NetApp Primary Storage (E-Series ,FAS ,Flash Series ,..)
• Hitachi Primary Storage ( VSP , VSPG, USV ,…)
• IBM Primary Storage (Spectrum, Storwize , FlashSystem,…)


Main Features :

Latech solutions to address Customer’s storage challenges include the following Features :
• Business Value:
Reduced TCO—The primary benefit of storage consolidation is lower total cost of ownership, achieved by reducing management overhead, decreasing the cost per gigabyte, and gaining the ability to share resources.
Optimized resource use—Storage investments are maximized by consolidating spare capacity from distributed systems onto centralized arrays where it can be allocated dynamically as needed.
Greater business agility—Pooling storage centrally facilitates faster and better business decisions by allowing data to be shared easily among applications and users.
Reduced business risk—With centralized storage, security administration is more robust and easier to implement.
Improved service levels—Higher service levels can be achieved through full component redundancy and continuous online operation, even during upgrade and backup procedures.
More predictable performance—Advanced performance management and resource allocation tools contribute to more responsive and predictable performance.
• Technical Value:
Commitment to Edge Storage Technologies to brings a new kind of simplicity: from entry to Tier-1; across branch offices and datacenters, for block, object and file workloads; for flash, HDD and Solid State media ; Thin Technologies ; Flash-Optimized Storage Technologies
Storage-network scaling—to respond quickly to application or internal customer demand, and leadership in emerging technologies, like Fiber Channel (FC)and Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI), to scale storage on a global level
Storage virtualization—to unify storage assets into virtual pools of data that allow [CustomerName]’s IT staff to manage greater amounts of capacity with less effort
Storage-management automation—to enable centralized management of heterogeneous storage with software and tools that include automated, policy-driven capabilities to reduce human intervention in storage management
Commitment to open standards—to prolong the technical life cycle of storage solutions

Target users:

All Mid range and Enterprise Organizations

Latech Capabilities and services

Latech also offers comprehensive services to Assess , design, Supply , implement, and support the right solution for individual needs.


Primary Storage 2

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