Personal Systems

Due to growing end-user management overhead, IT departments are looking towards innovative and cost-effective solutions that allow them to streamline, centralize, and automate the ongoing management of their backend infrastructure in order to increase end-user productivity while at the same time reducing operational costs.

LATECH offers “Personal solutions” solutions to overcome end-user management overheads. Personal System solutions include Workstations and VDI/Mobility. These solutions can reduce the business risk associated with potential data loss or theft, and lowers the complexity and cost of desktop management, while continuing to provide end-users with the functionality of a stand-alone desktop.
• Workstations:
This solution deliver high performance and reliability with the latest innovation and industry leading technologies. Performance, innovation, reliability from mobile to the datacenter are the benifts of Workstation solutions offered by LATECH.
• VDI/Mobility:
This solution allows IT to consolidate control, automate delivery, and protect user compute resources. Deploy rapidly across small or mass thin client environments, easy-to-navigate ecosystem for end users and simple setup and maintenance for IT that doesn’t require specialized administrative support are just a few benefits of this solution.



Latech Specific Services:
Latech provides a full cycle (see Figure 1) of services from assessing customer system and environment to deploy, tune, train and support.

HP, Dell, Atrust

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