DESfire Card


Transport operators are now facing increasingly sophisticated demands. Their Infrastructures need to fit the requirements of multi-application usage in a secure Environment. The microprocessor-based smart card is an ideal solution for increasing data

Storage, enhancing security and flexibility. The Mifare DESFire cards can handle far more Complex applications than traditional memory cards. DESFire is a new Mifare generation product with improved security and a Maximum interoperability.



Mutual challenge and response authentication, data ciphering, and message authentication protect the whole system from the fraud. These checks are guaranteed thanks to its embedded 3-DES encryption engine. Furthermore, each DESFire has a unique handwritten serial number which guarantees that each card can be individually selected.

High throughput:

The card and reader start to transmit data as soon as the card enter the reader RF antenna field, thus enabling the card holder to carry out transactions quickly and conveniently, through an intentional action.

The RF communication interface transfers data between the DESFire card and reader at a baud rate up to 424 Kbits/s. This high data transfer rate enables ticketing

Transactions to be handled in 0, 1 to 0, 5 second. Therefore, transactions can be carried out without cardholders having to stop in front of the reader or remove the card from their wallets.

Convenience and cost effective

DESFire smart card memory is pre-personalised for customer convenience.

Encryption keys are pre-encoded onto the smartcards at the factory eliminating any requirements for an onsite encoder that would need to be secured and managed.

Solution also involves remotely updating card readers with the encryption keys without the requirement for a configuration card. With readymade encryption, DESFire card offers customers a flexible and quick smart card solution, without the cost of card personalization and key/filing management.

For additional flexibility, the DESFire smart card also comes with blank and unused memory keys that can be used

For other applications, for example cashless vending and printing.

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