like most companies, if you have been adding servers, storage, and networking devices to keep pace with your business demands. The result: Businesses are spending upwards of 70% of their IT budget on operations versus innovation – and it is only getting worse. You Need a solution to enables You to rebalance this ratio by realigning today’s traditional technology silos into adaptive pools that can be shared by any application, optimized and managed as a service.

To compete effectively, you need an IT infrastructure that can scale quickly to meet dynamic business demands and maximize utilization of your IT investment.

Solution description:

Cloud computing is changing the way the world does business. Latech has developed a growing portfolio of efficient cloud computing solutions to help you achieve that flexible infrastructure.
In Our Solution , Physical Component will be Converged in One Place and different services will be provide to Users covered by Strong SLA.
We offer consulting, cloud computing components and turnkey solutions based on pretested, preassembled, fully-supported hardware, software and services. Along with our cloud reference architectures, these solutions enable you to deploy and manage private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures quickly, easily and successfully.

Our Cloude solutions include :

• Physical Cloud Tier
– Compute – Storage – Network – Security
• Software as a Service
• Cloud Consulting Services
• Platform as a Service
• Infrastructure as a Service
• Cloud Software


Main Features :

By transitioning away from this product-centric approach that has created unyielding IT sprawl to a shared-service management model, Customer can accelerate standardization, reduce operational costs and accelerate business results:

Business Values

Deliver any application, anywhere, on the fly
Flex resources on demand in an optimized way
Provide predictable, continuity of service
Accelerate time to business value from IT investments
respond faster to the needs of your business, while driving greater operational efficiencies.

Technical Values

Virtual Resource Pools
Central Infrastructure management
Central backup
Unleash productivity of administrators and systems


Target users:

All Mid range and Enterprise Organizations

Latech Capabilities and services

Latech also offers comprehensive services to Assess , design, Supply , implement, and support the right solution for individual needs.
Latech is aggressively converging the industry’s leading infrastructure portfolio and expertise across IT systems, management tools, and facilities into a simplified architecture and common tool set based on Big Vendor’s innovations and industry standards.



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